AP Capstone Diploma Unveiled at WHS

We are excited to introduce an exciting, new diploma option at Westfield High School – The AP Capstone Diploma.  The AP Capstone Diploma is an innovative, new, and prestigious diploma program that gives students an opportunity to apply critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, and research skills in a cross-curricular context.  The Class of 2016 will be the first class of WHS with the opportunity to earn this high-level, nationally recognized diploma.

Students who are motivated and prepared for college-level coursework are best suited for the program, but the program benefits those students who show potential for AP coursework but have not yet enrolled in AP courses.  Students should demonstrate curiosity about real world issues, a willingness to take intellectual risks, and a dedication to acquiring the skills that colleges and universities value – critical inquiry, analysis, and research.  In short, AP Capstone students have an interest in becoming curious, independent, and collaborative scholars.

All students interested in pursuing the AP Capstone Diploma at WHS are required to select AP English Language and Composition as their grade 11 English course.

Please view the link below for an overview of the AP Capstone Diploma.

AP Capstone Overview

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