College Planning Night: December 9, 2019

College Planning Night

December 9, 2019

6:30-8:30 PM

All students in grades 9-11 and their parents/guardians are invited to join us for College Planning Night. This event is designed to inform and prepare students on their post-secondary educational opportunities after high school. Whether students are heading to vocational programs or two-year or four-year colleges, this evening will provide you with the steps you can take now and in the future to prepare for the admission process, and the transition to college.

College Planning Night Itinerary

6:30—7:00 p.m.  Grade-Level Sessions

  • Grade 11—Navigating the Admission Process: What to Expect In the Coming Year

    • WHS Auditorium

  • Grades 9 & 10—Finding the Right Fit: How to Prepare Now for College

    • Large Group Instruction Room (LGI)

7:05—7:45 p.m.  Break Out Session I                              

7:50—8:30 p.m.  Break Out Session II

Guests Can Choose from the Following Break Out Sessions:

  • Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • Military Options in Higher Education (offered in Session I only)

  • College Athletics and Academic Eligibility (offered in Session II only)

  • Earning College Credits in High School: A Look at AP and Dual Credit Opportunities

  • College Entrance Exams: Demystifying the SAT and ACT

  • The Evaluation Process: What Do Colleges Really Consider During Admission?

We hope that you can join us for College Planning Night on December 9, 2019!

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