Indiana University ACP Registration is NOW OPEN!!!

Registration to take ACP classes for college credit through IU is now open for our students who are taking ACP classes in 1st Trimester.  If your child applied to the ACP program last spring, or even just in the last few days, he or she should have received an email from IU ACP with a course registration ticket and instructions on how to register for college credit.  Likewise, I have attached the instructions that IU ACP has provided.  Please note that the firm deadline to register for IU credit this trimester is Wednesday, August 30th.
A few notes of clarification:
  • Registration that is now taking place is for any one-trimester course that the student is currently taking (ACP Speech, ACP Comp and ACP Intro to Business in Trimester 1) and any two-trimester courses that begin in Trimester 1 (ACP Calculus and ACP Finite.)  These students will be enrolled in IU’s Fall Semester
  • For students who are enrolled in any ACP course(s) that begin in either the 2nd or 3rd trimester, registration for IU credit will take place during IU’s Spring Semester.  (ACP Speech and ACP Comp in either Trimester 2 or 3, ACP Personal Finance and ACP Brief Survey of Calculus.)  Do not register for these classes at this time! Registration dates will be forwarded to you at a later time.
  • Students in the two-trimester math courses will only need to register once with IU in order to receive college credit, as they are considered one-semester courses through Indiana University.
  • If your child is not registering for IU credit until IU’s Spring Semester, please hold on to the email that was sent to you this week with your child’s IU ID Number for future reference.
If your student has not yet applied for the ACP program, they must do so by August 22nd in order to be able to register for IU classes this year.  Students must have a cumulative GPA of a 2.7 or higher in order to be admitted.  Students can apply at:  Upon acceptance, students will receive an email from IU ACP with registration information.
ACP courses taken for college credit allow students to earn credit through Indiana University at the discounted rate of $25 per credit hour. Enrolling in IU courses will result in an official IU course transcript, and your IU grade will become part of your permanent college academic record.  Students who meet the eligibility guidelines through the Free/Reduced Lunch program may have the tuition for ACP courses waived.  The ACP Tuition Waiver Form is attached. 
Teachers have been communicating with students in their classes and have been answering their questions regarding the ACP program and registration.  Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact me or your student’s ACP teachers.

Author: admin