Welcome Back 20-21

Parents and Students—

Welcome Back!!! On behalf of the WHS Counseling Team, I want to thank you for taking a moment to review this email.  We know that as information about returning to school started to come out, many of you had questions about what that would look like as a whole and for the individual students.  Many of you contacted your counselor, and we have tried our best to provide what information we had to you, as soon as it became available.   I’m happy to share what we now know in this email.

Change in Counseling Alphabet Assignments:  As the enrollment and student body continues to grow, we have to evaluate and make changes to our counselor’s caseloads.  This allows us the opportunity to better serve our students in the best way possible.  The Student Breakout for the 20-21 school year is as follows:

  • Students A & Sp-Z:  Mrs. Lani Johnston
  • Students B-Do:  Ms. Alexandra Ferro
  • Students Dr-Hi:  Mrs. Christy Ulsas
  • Students Ho-Me:  Mrs. Lyndsay Corya
  • Students Mi-Re and EL:  Mr. Eric Shearer
  • Students Rh-So:  Mr. Dan Doherty
  • Students receiving Support Services/IEP:  Mrs. Stephanie Vondersaar

Virtual Learning Course Catalog:  Students who have elected to go 100% virtual for the first trimester will be taking courses through Edmentum.  Students and Parents can review the list of courses and the virtual guidelines.  WHS Counselors will be reaching out the week of August 3rd to those students who have elected to go 100% virtual to select courses.  If a student wishes to still enroll in 100% virtual learning, they must complete this survey.

Back to School Night:  WHS will release its Virtual Back to School Night video on Tuesday, August 11th.  Historically, this has been an evening for all new students to the building.  This year, we will be encouraging all WHS students to watch the video to have a better idea of how this school year might look and what to expect on the first day of school.

Powerschool:  High school students and parents will be able to access their Powerschool account beginning August 8th.  Because we will not be able to provide schedules during the Back to School Night, we will be encouraging all students to view or print their schedules prior to the first day of school.

More Information to Come:  You can be sure that your email will likely be inundated with more information over the course of the next week and a half.  As things continue to change or evolve, so will we.  We are so looking forward to being with our students once again!

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