WHS to host SAT School Day for Class of 2015

For the second year, the College Board has granted Westfield High School with a unique opportunity to officially administer the SAT on a school day. This test administration is provided specifically for the Class of 2015.  Westfield is one of the few high schools in the state of Indiana to offer the SAT to its students on a non-national test date as part of our College and Career Assessment Pathway Day.  The SAT School Day will be administered on Wednesday, October 15, 2014.

What are the benefits of participating in the SAT School Day on October 15th?

  • If you have not taken the SAT – This option is both timely and convenient for submission to colleges and universities.
  • If you have taken the SAT – The soundest advice is to take the SAT multiple times.  Nearly all colleges “Super Score” the SAT to benefit students with their highest sub scores in critical reading, math and writing sections. This is key advice for students competing for scholarships where test scores are a factor of review.
  • All students who reserve their spot for the SAT at WHS will receive a personal free online access code to The College Board’s Official SAT Online Course—a $69.95 value.  Official SAT Online Course will be available to students over the summer to help them prepare.  It features 10 practice tests and   18 interactive lessons that cover the SAT’s critical reading, writing, and math sections. In addition, the course provides detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect answers to all questions, and personalized feedback on essays through the auto essay scoring.
  • Students will be able to take the SAT in a familiar environment, rather than taking it at another high school or college campus.
  • With work, athletic and extracurricular commitments, Saturdays are often at a premium.  By taking the SAT on a school day, it frees up one additional Saturday for students.

Details:  The SAT School Day is offered on the same date as the PSAT/NMSQT which is administered to WHS  students in Grades 9-11.  As such, we will have alternate activities for seniors that day.  Students taking the SAT on this day will not be missing any of their Periods 1—3 classes, and will be excused from the portion of 4th period that they will miss to complete the exam.

Cost:  The fee is $53.  Participation is awarded to the first 250 students who submit completed reservation forms.  In order for students to reserve their spot for this unique opportunity, students must complete the attached reservation form and return it to the School Counseling Center, along with a check made payable to Westfield Washington Schools.  Refunds may be requested by June 10th.  Fee is non-refundable after that date. 

The College Board registration instructions and deadlines will be provided to all students in the fall who have reserved their space.  We hope that your student will take advantage of this excellent opportunity to participate in WWS College and Career Readiness Pathway Day.

SAT School Day Reservation Form

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