College Planning Night for Grades 9-11

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All students in grades 9-11 and their parents/guardians are invited to join us for College Planning Night. This event is designed to inform and prepare students on their post-secondary educational opportunities after high school. Whether students are heading to vocational programs or two-year or four-year colleges, this evening will provide you with the steps you can take now and in the future to prepare for the admission process, and the transition to college.

College Planning Night Itinerary
6:30—7:00 p.m. Grade-Level Sessions

Grade 9: Starting Off on the Right Foot: Preparing Yourself Academically for College
Grade 10: Career Planning and the College Search
Grade 11: Navigating the Admission Process: What to Expect In the Coming Year

7:05—7:45 p.m. Break Out Session I
7:50—8:30 p.m. Break Out Session II

Guests Can Choose from the Following Break Out Sessions:

  • Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • What Colleges Really Consider During Admission: A Panel Discussion with Admission Professionals
  • Special Services: Transitioning IEPs and 504s to College
  • The SAT and ACT: College Entrance Exams in the Post-COVID Landscape
  • College Athletics and Academic Eligibility
  • Earning College Credits in High School: A Look at AP and Dual Credit Opportunities
  • Completing Requirements for the 21st Century Scholarship (Session specific to those who have already enrolled in the 21st Century Scholarship Program)

Please note that the Financial Aid and Admission Panel Sessions will be offered in both break out Session times. The rest of the sessions will be offered during one session only.

We hope that you can join us for College Planning Night on November 29, 2022!

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