Summer School Registration Opens April 3, 2023

Registration for Indiana Online (IO) Summer School courses will be open from April 3—June 4, 2023 at

Summer is a great time for students to take courses either to get ahead or to retake classes for a higher grade. Students can take up to two credits through IO during the summer, and there is no cost to you. The Summer Session runs from June 5—July 16, 2023, and there are many classes in the IO Course Catalog to choose from. 

It is imperative that students and parents/guardians read through the Indiana Online Summer School Guidelines, as there are new policies in place including a required Onboarding Activity, and guidelines for students registering for both semesters of a full year, sequential course. (Example: students taking both Spanish III-1 and Spanish III-2.)

When registering for classes, students must:

  • Enter/update their current grade level.
    • Exception: current 8th grade students will register as Grade 9.
  • Enter their Westfield School ID number correctly in the “Local ID” field.  This must be done in order for the grade and credit to be uploaded into PowerSchool.  
  • Select the name of their WHS counselor. Upon registration, the counselor will then be able to electronically approve the student’s registration. As counselors have to manually approve registrations, please allow a few days for this to occur.
  • Students may drop a course in their IO account by June 19, 2023. 
  • If a student does not complete or pass a required class this summer, the student should contact the counselor by email in order to get that class placed back into their schedule for 2023-2024.  
  • Likewise, if a student completes a course over the summer, and the course is still in their 2023-2024 school year schedule, the student should email their counselor and ask that the course be removed from the schedule.

After reviewing the Indiana Online Summer School Guidelines, if you have any additional questions, please contact your counselor directly. You can link to the WHS Counseling Staff here.

Author: admin